Boolean type

Ensure the field's value is a valid boolean or a string representation of a boolean. The following values are converted to true or false.

  • [true, 1, "1", "true", "on"] will be converted to true.
  • [false, 0, "0", "false"] will be converted to false.
  • Every other value will result in a validation error.
import vine from '@vinejs/vine'
const schema = vine.object({
is_admin: vine.boolean()

Using the following modifiers, you may mark the field as optional or nullable.

See also: Working with undefined and null values

is_admin: vine.boolean().nullable()
is_admin: vine.boolean().optional()

Defining error message

You may define the custom error message using the boolean rule name.

const messages = {
boolean: 'The value must be a boolean'
vine.messagesProvider = new SimpleMessagesProvider(messages)

Strict mode

You may enable the strict mode to disallow the string representation of a boolean. In strict mode, the value's data-type must be a valid JavaScript boolean.

is_admin: vine.boolean({ strict: true })